What We Do

Who We Serve

Our local chapters partner with social service and community agencies to provide preventive and protective assistance for individuals who experience physical and/or emotional abuse in their home. Assistance extends to all affected family members and their pets.

Many cases of domestic abuse go unreported, often because of fear of reprisal, so accurate statistics are difficult to obtain. However, the Family Violence Prevention Fund estimates that between 1.5 million and 3.9 million women are physically abused every year in the U.S. alone. In the last National Census, Domestic Violence Services reported that 67,646 victims were served by various domestic violence programs in the U.S. on just one day.

Domestic abuse impacts women and children as well as men of all ages, income levels, and educational backgrounds. In addition to physical abuse, these individuals often suffer from various forms of emotional trauma, including depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Abusers routinely see to it that their targets have very limited resources at their disposal, prompting those affected to feel trapped within the abusive environment with no hope of finding a way out.

How We Serve

We maintain a growing network of local chapters that grant funds and collaborate with organization in their communities to provide a variety of sustainable direct services. This assistance may include:

  • temporary shelter
  • child protection
  • mental health counseling
  • family counseling
  • life skills
  • job training
  • alcohol and drug addiction treatment
  • educational opportunities… and more

We believe the only way to truly go to battle in defense of marginalized populations is through collaborations that create more accessible and efficient services.

Our Impact

Our impact is national in scope, local in effect, and life changing.

Nationally: Through our national network and commitment to fundraising for sustainable grants and collaboration, we share ideas, information, data and learning. These connections help simplify and improve the speed of access for high quality services to those in desperate need.

Locally: By analyzing the weak links among the array of local services, we fortify their integration, which assures that no one is left behind. By strengthening this ecosystem, the entire community benefits.

Individually: Escape from abusive relationships creates hope and opens doors to new opportunities, particularly when there are support systems in place to assist. The subsequent effect is life altering for all affected family members.

Metrics: Impact will be measured using multiple criteria for each of the above categories when data become available.


 On November 1, our Boise Council hosted its 2nd annual gala.  Through the support of our generous sponsors and donors we raised $90,000.  A special thanks goes to Dan Harrington of Maxgiving for being our title sponsor.  This enabled us to immediately provide checks to The Nampa Family Justice Center and Life’s Kitchen.

Gratitude to also goes to Cradle Point and  Castle and Cook Mortgage for their $1000 sponsorship and grants.  We also send a shout out to all those who bid on our silent and live auction items.